This website summarizes the work of researchers that are affiliated with the research groups of Theunis Piersma at the University of Groningen and the Royal NIOZ Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, and our many collaborators.

This map uses tracks of one bird in each flyway to take you along to where our projects on "tracking and tracing shorebirds" are hosted. Each flyway has a dedicate page where you will find more tracks and specific links [...] more


Fifteen years in the making, some #marathonmigrants are now enabled to demonstrate their capacity as integrative, down-to-Earth Observers - at appropriate spatial scales!


#migration #conservation #agriculture #ClimateChange

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@vogelnieuws Meer weten over deze bijzonder soort? l
Lees dan vooral óók:

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We explore geographical squeezing of the 2 Asian subspecies of black-tailed #godwits under #climatechange scenarios in new paper in @GlobalChangeBio #openaccess:
Paper is based on genetically verified breeding locations of specimens & birds with trackers.

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#Spoonbills connect places & people, and at no place in the world this is more tangible than at Playa de la Barossa, near Cádiz, in Spain.
The #CitizenScience group LIMES PLATALEA is recruiting volunteers. Witness #spoonbill flocks crossing the sea from Europe to Africa! #flyway

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@RonRonMes @PNBancarguin @BacomabFund @NIOZnieuws @prcmarine @MavaFdn @Ch_Karibuhoye @ibapgbissau @eco_flyway @Waddenacademie @WaddenseaUNESCO @RijkeWaddenzee @HacenElHacen Sommige technieken zijn zéér toekomstbestendig-dit is er één van. Gebruik van GPS om random punten te vinden was een tijdje geleden heel innoverend, en wat dacht je van dat slimme gebruik van sneeuwschoenen? Ook nieuw. Alleen zo bereiken we lange termijn series van modderdieren!

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For bar-tailed #godwits breeding on Siberian #tundra 30 June is still early. However, #Bijagós-tagged MAIO & UNO now made the move to Taymyr coast, so seem to have given up, having lost clutch or brood. CAMINHATE & RUBANE are still in the reproductive race (no news from POILAO).

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@JulianGW1 @PNBancarguin @BacomabFund @NIOZnieuws @prcmarine @MavaFdn @Ch_Karibuhoye @ibapgbissau @eco_flyway @Waddenacademie @WaddenseaUNESCO @RijkeWaddenzee @HacenElHacen The snow shoes only work if there is a layer of seagrass ABOVE the mud. It is the seagrass layer that makes kit work. The snowshoes don't work ON uncovered mud

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The benthos team @PNBancarguin - with support from @BacomabFund and help from @NIOZnieuws -, is busy with another session in the seasonal benthic monitoring of the ##intertidal #mudflats at the Parc National du Banc d'Arguin in Mauritania, a worldwide unique research effort!

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@Joris_PvdA @LauraBromet Het argument gaat zelfs nog iets verder dan dat! GRUTTO's WIJZEN DE WEG!

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@simongerman600 Absolutely! And all this space above the high seas is criss-crossed by migrating landbirds! See our #openaccess publication in Ornithology @AmOrnith, where we review behavioral & physiological capacities of shorebirds to explain trans-Pacific #migration.

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Turns out that #dispersal distance of 9000 km, from NL to India, is false. This week #avocet 'White AE' was seen at birthplace Wommels with 3 chicks. Can an observation in India in early March be reconciled with mating in Friesland in early May? Unlikely.

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Playing with one can easily map out #migration of, in this case, two @provfryslan-breeding black-tailed #godwits. WOLVETINTE makes a loop migration, using Tagus estuary during northward but not southward #flight. WARKUMERMAR retraces #flyway track. #grutto

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@vogelnieuws Nog een voorbeeld.
Waarom broeden er niet meer #lepelaars in het Waddengebied? Heeft dat met gebrek aan kleine vis te maken?

VOGELS BESCHERMEN IS ZÓ VEEL MEER DAN VOGELS TELLEN. Tellingen vertellen niet over oorzaak & gevolg.

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@vogelnieuws Om er achter te komen waarom een vogelpopulatie achteruit gaat, of vooruit, dan heb je naast tellingen voortgaand ecologisch onderzoek nodig.
Bijvoorbeeld: waarom gaan rosse grutto's niet sneller achteruit dan ze doen? Hier komt al die kennis bij elkaar:

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The 5 remaining bar-tailed #godwits tagged in #Bijagós, Guinea-Bissau a few winters ago, have settled for breeding on #tundra south of Taymyr. We meanwhile lost contact with Terschelling birds for the simple reason that they moved out of telephone reach.

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Voor een 'nieuw' en zeer wenkend perspectief in de #melkveehouderij: luister eens goed naar #grutto's! Niet voor niks de nationale vogel van Nederland.


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During southward #migration of black-tailed #godwits the Atlantic French coast between Loire & Gironde counts as important stopping area, as so does Donana region, the beleaguered delta of Guadalquivir in Spain. See also:

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The national bird of Netherlands, #grutto's, black-tailed #godwits, now live #migration flights, #fuelling at stopovers, along #flyway towards W-Africa. Glimpses of this spectacular, invisible, phenomenon can be experienced by watching:

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Want to read more on how shorebirds manage heat load (#solar #radiation) by opening their 'windows' - raising their back-feathers? See this paper on great #knots in @EMUJournal studied in Roebuck Bay, #Broome, Australia.

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