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Fifteen years in the making, some #marathonmigrants are now enabled to demonstrate their capacity as integrative, down-to-Earth Observers - at appropriate spatial scales!


#migration #conservation #agriculture #ClimateChange

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@Ina01465079 @thijskuiken @univgroningen Er vliegen al weer 10jaar, elk seizoen, 10tallen gezenderde Nederlandse grutto's over Frankrijk en tijdens die 100en overtochten is er mógelijk 1 x een grutto geschoten. Dat grutto's achteruit gaan ligt niet aan hun sterfte (die is al lang constant) maar aan de aanwas (kuikens).

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Just as #whimbrel SOGA, on its way to breeding grounds in Iceland, makes a stop in Sado estuary, Portugal, ESCADINHAS, also having wintered in #Bijagós, Guinea-Bissau, is in #migration along the Sahara coast. Go birds, go!
And witnessable for everybody at:

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Fantastische waarnemingen @PHMulder1. Die #goudplevieren zetten een uitroepteken bij jullie akkerbouwbedrijf!
Dit kan WEGTREK zijn, maar ook SCHEMERBALLET, dat we op dit filmpje lieten zien:
Lees ook:

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All the parts fit together, Graham, as one of the satellite-tagged #whimbrel from #Bijagós, Guinea-Bissau, set off on northward #migration yesterday! SOGA is now approaching the coast of Portugal. See for yourself at:
@WaderStudy #MAVA

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11 JAAR BUITEN BEELD! Op 18 mei 2012 ringde Rinkje van der Zee op Workumerwaard een pas uitgekomen #grutto-kuiken met codevlagje. Elf jaar lang bleef E87 uit beeld, maar gisteren werd hij samen met partner gefotografeerd bij Anjum door
Werk van lange adem!

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Voortbordurend op het bericht in @NatureTodayNL (, vandaag de verwoording door Jan Ybema van @frieschdagblad in Nederlands & Fries, van de ontdekking van zoveel verschillende #gif-stoffen in de levers van #grutto's uit @gemeenteswf.

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AS WE SPEAK, #arctic-breeding #shorebirds are busily fuelling-up for impending long-distance #migration #flights; this happens also at @PNBancarguin! Importantly, AS WE SPEAK, the PNBA-NIOZ benthos team is measuring #benthos resource base for #fuelling shorebirds! Today was Nair!

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Say NO to Deep-Sea Mining - Sign the Petition! via @Change

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Red #Knot HUC was seen yesterday in the Manukau Harbour, and on you can see it moves around across the #Manukau from #Auckland Airport. Hopefully it will show us some fantastic #migration too, soon!
@BattleyPhil @miranda_trust @OSNZBirdsNZ

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@TimBirkead1 in @britishbirds: "This is a remarkable book... Sophisticated ornithological research explained in straightforward, engaging language... This is a model of how we should engage with birds."
Happy with that!

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@TimBirkead1 in @britishbirds: "This is a remarkable book... Sophisticated ornithological research explained in straightforward, engaging language... This is a model of how we should engage with birds. Happy with that!

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Here is a good story on Anglo-Friesian connections.
Black-tailed #godwit #grutto E1X was born in It Heidenskip last summer & then seen in July by Mike Marsh across the North Sea on Havergate Island. Quite exceptionally, E1X already returned to where it was born less a year ago!

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BREAKING NEWS Black-tailed #godwit #grutto ANNE made a large migration across #Himalayas and has about crossed the #Gobi Desert! ANNE belongs to the limosa subspecies, and has wintered in the #wetlands of #Bangladesh. More news at
@DelipDasBisharg @NLinBD1

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It wasn't Perdeck himself who concluded that his starling displacement experiments showed evidence of inheritance, innateness, of @migration routes. That came later. A review of studies citing Perdeck 1958 leaves many alternative interpretations open.

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Grand view of the track of red knot HUB from @miranda_trust in New Zealand, now crossing Cape York Peninsula! Where's trhe stop and how long? Plenty of suspense at:
#flyway @EAAFP @BirdlifeOz @OSNZBirdsNZ

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I am Sidi. I am a knot, I am a real knot. I am a king and I am going to tell everybody how it is going with our planet!

Je suis Sidi. Je suis un bécasseu maubeche, un vrai bécasseau maubeche. Je suis un roi et je vais dire à tout le monde comment va notre planète !

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@BattleyPhil reports that HUB, 1st tagged RED KNOT of 3 to leave @miranda_trust (subspecies piersmai!) takes lovely tailwinds towards Australia. Do they stage in N Australia or New Guinea?

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Les répétitions ont déjà commencé, inspirées par l'histoire, les modèles d'oiseaux et un exemplaire du livre sur la #spatule SINAGOTE !
Rehearsals have already started, inspired by the story, the bird models and a copy of the book on #spoonbill SINAGOTE!

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@Ben_Sheldon_EGI @JenGill3 Never (but the larger #godwit community may)! Developmental biology can yield amazing surprises! In any case: an amazing and puzzling sight.

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The spirits of migrating #spoonbills are now shared with every visitor to centre of #CHICLANA, south of #Cádiz, Spain! Yesterday, display was inaugurated by the mayor of city & other guests, with speech of @PacoHortas. Yet another amazing achievement of!!!

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of a young man and a young knot!

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Er zijn er nog wel een paar onderweg, maar de meeste #grutto's hebben de broedgebieden in Nederland & Duitsland inmiddels wel bereikt.
A few are still in #migration, but most Dutch & German black-tailed #godwits seem to have made it home. #skries #meadow

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Schrijver Hans Peeters bood 1e exemplaar van 'Gruttoland-erfgoed van Murk Nijdam' aan Murk aan!
Prachtige middag met Syb van der Ploeg, Wiebe Kaspers, vrijwilligers, supporters, grutto-onderzoekers & collega boeren.
Morgen Open Dag op Slachte 4 in Wommels.

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The amazing @BirdCenter_ was not only hosting public audience, but also #spoonbill ARTEMIS ringed and tagged at #Schiermonnikoog. See movie on its epic journey (look for 'ook'!):

Onze #lepelaar ARTEMIS in #Urdaiba: werd oekend gezien & gefilmd. Zie link!

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Reading French? Interested in the ecological work with #benthos & #shorebirds & #spoonbills in W Africa, in the Parc National du Banc d'Arguin @PNBancarguin? A report on the Nov-Dec efforts (continuing a 20 year series) is now available for down-load at:

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@caringfarmers @deBOMENman @KeningGreide @CampusFryslan @DairyCampus @JoukedeVries @minlnv @CasparvdBerg @MinisterNenS @PatrickAJansen @wwfnederland Die trekker staat er als symbool voor de 'grazers', de koeien staan immers vaak op stal en doen hun werk binnen meer dan buiten.

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Due to valiant efforts by @DelipDasBisharg and his stalwart team, new black-tailed #godwits have been tagged in the #wetlands of #Balngadesh! What is more, everybody can now follow their movements & impending #migration to breeding grounds at

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Waarom is 'natuurgedreven landbouw' volhoudbaar & landbouw met afhankelijkheid van externe inputs & chemie niet? Bekijk het in ons verbeterde SCHEMA van boven- ondergronds VOEDSELWEB!
Doordenkertje: dat ecosysteemdiensten gratis zijn is een probleem.
Geef het door! Jow it troch!

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This is exactly how we hoped would work: enthusiasts like Ellen Hoy using website resource developed & curated by @GlobalFlyway to follow & talk about #migration of #shorebirds. Continued lack of serious interest from e.g. @BirdLife_News keeps amazing us!

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Eurasian #Curlew C KWAN, tagged by @wwfhk in #HongKong, is on the move across the #YellowSea after #flight across the Korean Peninsula. More HK-tagged #shorebirds visible, to keep you informed & amazed about what #migration can show and connect. #Numenius

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Just saying!
This morning, #spoonbill ARTEMIS was found right in front of Urdaibai @BirdCenter_ , with presence noted on night cameras too. He migrated here during #flight with 2 stops right across Spain, arriving yesterday evening. A #lepelaar born on #Schiermonnikoog in 2007.

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@estuaryviews @ShireJewels One of the goals of @GlobalFlyway is the early dissemination and interpretation of the tracking possible today, demonstrating that the world is one. It is open to any shorebird tracking, so call on @BattleyPhil and @miranda_trust to make their new efforts available? @Statuur

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Beautiful to see the tagged black-tailed #godwits -breeding in Netherlands & Germany moving in from the south:
Tagus area is almost 'empty', but there are still birds in Donana.
#skries #grutto #Uferschnepfe #migration
@eco_flyway @CampusFryslan @Statuur

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5min movie from @KeningGreide by Fryske Vlogger: testing #godwit-knowledge of visitors to Leeuwarden Friday market & introducing @globalflyway tracking website
Take note: trips by #skriezen to NNorway & Antarctica represent uncorrected location errors😜

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Bar-tailed #godwit 4BBRW is off! He is sharing his 4th annual commute between Pukorokoro-Miranda in New-Zealand, via Yellow Sea and #Alaska #tundra, an amazing series of #migration adventures! Follow him at & think about what it means to do what he does!

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Bar-tailed #godwit BAAIDUINEN left Terschelling relatively late in spring 2022, flew a more northern route, and migrated more slowly, than her #flock-mates on #Terschelling and ended life (probably high in the air) in the claws of a #peregrine when approaching coast of Sweden.

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It is very exciting for @GlobalFlyway to be enabled to share, real time, forthcoming tracks of 3 more Nordmann's Greenshanks tagged in Thailand by @TringaShank! These three (zoom in at add to story of SIU CHING, tagged in HongKong last year, now in India.

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Most black-tailed #godwits have left West-Africa, many have made it to breeding areas, but many are still in transit. See:

#grutto-trek in volle gang! West-Afrika is 'leeg', broedgebieden stromen 'vol', maar meeste zijn onderweg.

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Met de zuidwestenwind stromen de #grutto's binnen! Het grote plaatje aan de hand van gezenderde vogels is te zien op

Local reports of black-tailed #godwits arriving in Netherlands are backed up by #migration of tagged individuals:

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@vogelnieuws Met op de foto een in Nederland al weer 20 jaar vrijwel uitgestorven vogelfenomeen van wereldkaliber: kempHANEN op een baltsplaats. Kemphanen zijn notoire stikstofrijke grasland vermijders...

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In this little documentary, @KeningGreide presents a dawn during which the soils spoke through voices of two farmers & a didgeridoo dance. Experimenting a 'language of soils' from a Dutch-Frisian perspective.
Film Grondrede / The Soil Speaks

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Prachtig foto-essay van Isabelle van Hemert & Thomas Oudman over #grutto's, gezonde bodems, en happy boeren & burgers.
Gebaseerd op het werk van Team #Skries van @univgroningen!

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With a wink to @projectgodwit, the first satellite-tagged black-tailed #godwit visible at to reach The Netherlands in 2023, after a migration from the beleaguered Tagus estuary in Portugal, was a #grutto hand-raised by @univgroningen Team #Skries in 2016.

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This life-history was possible because of the thousands of dedicated adminstrative hours by volunteers of @WGLepelaar and their strong will to keep up a constant ringing effort in Netherlands by , whether with @Metawad (2011-2016) or without (2016-2022) financial support.

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Two summers ago, black-tailed #godwit NORGSLEAT left #Friesland early after an unsuccessful breeding season. Now, NORGSLEAT is ahead of many other #grutto's, with a nonstop flight from Tagus to Vendée right across the Bay of Biscay! See for yourself at:

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Een tipje van de sluier van de ontdekkingsreis met de Balkansperwers, wordt opgelicht in de eerste Vogels Junior van 2023 @vogelnieuws. Wouter Vansteelant van BirdEyes/@GlobalFlyway komt aan het woord over hun zeer inventieve werk met sperwers en spervervangers bij @BatumiRaptors

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Overal ter wereld hetzelfde liedje: internationale handel verdient de centen over de ruggen van lokale vissers en hun ecosysteem. Helaas ook in zustergebied van #Waddenzee in Mauritanië. Nu grondig gedocumenteerd inproefschrift @univgroningen of Dr Lemrabott. Vandaag in @trouw

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Would this not depend on the functionality of the soil, in the first place?

For some introductory evidence how this may work, & on role of #earthworms, see:

"We suggest that soil disturbance by slit injection of slurry increase topsoil desiccation."

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