This website summarizes the work of researchers that are affiliated with the research groups of Theunis Piersma at the University of Groningen and the Royal NIOZ Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, and our many collaborators.

This map uses tracks of one bird in each flyway to take you along to where our projects on "tracking and tracing shorebirds" are hosted. Each flyway has a dedicate page where you will find more tracks and specific links [...] more


Fifteen years in the making, some #marathonmigrants are now enabled to demonstrate their capacity as integrative, down-to-Earth Observers - at appropriate spatial scales!


#migration #conservation #agriculture #ClimateChange

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@GaryAllport @TaejMundkur As you will all realize, such 'expensive' & advanced information does not fall from the sky, even it may seem like that for @BirdLife_News! The folks being able to pull this off need your help for empowerment, and then the community needs help for joint analyses & publication.

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Quite right, Secretary-General, to put your hopes on these relatively unprivileged people! In his insightful book 'The Nutmeg's Curse', Amitav Ghosh @GhoshAmitav explains the historical, economic & philosophical reasons why this #COP27 again was unlikely to seriously deliver.

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@JeroenCandel The historical and philosophical reasons that the results of COP27 are so disappointing are eloquently explained in this book by Amitav Ghosh (@GhoshAmitav). Read it!

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Many of the #waders #shorebirds would be en route to the #Wash!

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The #Wash is 'married' to the #WaddenSea by the #shorebirds, the red #knots and bar-tailed #godwits and others, who use these systems in sequence during their annual cycle. Its reclamation would have far flung consequences along the #flyway and be a conservation disaster. STOP!

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This is interesting. But if this is really causal, one expects similar relationships within species. Continental black-tailed #godwits migrate twice the distance of the Icelandic godwits featuring in the @newscientist News (Zoology!), but in both population mate fidelity is high.

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Het was een enorme kans om 700 biologieleraren te vertellen over het geraffineerde denken over ontwikkeling van fenotype & gedrag van Susan Oyama e.a. en over ons werk aan trek van grutto's ! Biologie-leraren zijn wellicht een even belangrijke 'developmental resources'als... DNA.

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@marcoglastra @kunst_landschap @dvhn_nl @Sovon Maar die 'natuur'gebieden, dat is toch ook gewoon boerenland waar geboerd moet worden, maar dan wel op manieren die recht doen aan het water, de bodems en de biodiversiteit van grasland? Dus: dan is er toch geen tegenstelling waar men zich druk over hoeft te maken?

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