This website summarizes the work of researchers that are affiliated with the research groups of Theunis Piersma at the University of Groningen and the Royal NIOZ Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, and our many collaborators.

This map uses tracks of one bird in each flyway to take you along to where our projects on "tracking and tracing shorebirds" are hosted. Each flyway has a dedicate page where you will find more tracks and specific links [...] more


Fifteen years in the making, some #marathonmigrants are now enabled to demonstrate their capacity as integrative, down-to-Earth Observers - at appropriate spatial scales!


#migration #conservation #agriculture #ClimateChange

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It is very exciting for @GlobalFlyway to be enabled to share, real time, forthcoming tracks of 3 more Nordmann's Greenshanks tagged in Thailand by @TringaShank! These three (zoom in at add to story of SIU CHING, tagged in HongKong last year, now in India.

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Most black-tailed #godwits have left West-Africa, many have made it to breeding areas, but many are still in transit. See:

#grutto-trek in volle gang! West-Afrika is 'leeg', broedgebieden stromen 'vol', maar meeste zijn onderweg.

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Met de zuidwestenwind stromen de #grutto's binnen! Het grote plaatje aan de hand van gezenderde vogels is te zien op

Local reports of black-tailed #godwits arriving in Netherlands are backed up by #migration of tagged individuals:

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@vogelnieuws Met op de foto een in Nederland al weer 20 jaar vrijwel uitgestorven vogelfenomeen van wereldkaliber: kempHANEN op een baltsplaats. Kemphanen zijn notoire stikstofrijke grasland vermijders...

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In this little documentary, @KeningGreide presents a dawn during which the soils spoke through voices of two farmers & a didgeridoo dance. Experimenting a 'language of soils' from a Dutch-Frisian perspective.
Film Grondrede / The Soil Speaks

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Prachtig foto-essay van Isabelle van Hemert & Thomas Oudman over #grutto's, gezonde bodems, en happy boeren & burgers.
Gebaseerd op het werk van Team #Skries van @univgroningen!

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With a wink to @projectgodwit, the first satellite-tagged black-tailed #godwit visible at to reach The Netherlands in 2023, after a migration from the beleaguered Tagus estuary in Portugal, was a #grutto hand-raised by @univgroningen Team #Skries in 2016.

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This life-history was possible because of the thousands of dedicated adminstrative hours by volunteers of @WGLepelaar and their strong will to keep up a constant ringing effort in Netherlands by , whether with @Metawad (2011-2016) or without (2016-2022) financial support.

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Two summers ago, black-tailed #godwit NORGSLEAT left #Friesland early after an unsuccessful breeding season. Now, NORGSLEAT is ahead of many other #grutto's, with a nonstop flight from Tagus to Vendée right across the Bay of Biscay! See for yourself at:

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Een tipje van de sluier van de ontdekkingsreis met de Balkansperwers, wordt opgelicht in de eerste Vogels Junior van 2023 @vogelnieuws. Wouter Vansteelant van BirdEyes/@GlobalFlyway komt aan het woord over hun zeer inventieve werk met sperwers en spervervangers bij @BatumiRaptors

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Overal ter wereld hetzelfde liedje: internationale handel verdient de centen over de ruggen van lokale vissers en hun ecosysteem. Helaas ook in zustergebied van #Waddenzee in Mauritanië. Nu grondig gedocumenteerd inproefschrift @univgroningen of Dr Lemrabott. Vandaag in @trouw

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Would this not depend on the functionality of the soil, in the first place?

For some introductory evidence how this may work, & on role of #earthworms, see:

"We suggest that soil disturbance by slit injection of slurry increase topsoil desiccation."

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Natter, jazeker. Maar koeien passen er prima in. Al zal het in wat lagere dichtheden zijn dan waar we nu aan 'gewend' zijn!

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NEW PAPER with first documentation of seasonal occurrence and daily rhythms of nonbreeding Eurasian #Spoonbills in #Senegal. #migration #Platalea @unep_aewa @GRUSEC
Published in @WaterbirdSociet.
Reprints at:

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