This website summarizes the work of researchers that are affiliated with the research groups of Theunis Piersma at the University of Groningen and the Royal NIOZ Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, and our many collaborators.

This map uses tracks of one bird in each flyway to take you along to where our projects on "tracking and tracing shorebirds" are hosted. Each flyway has a dedicate page where you will find more tracks and specific links [...] more


Fifteen years in the making, some #marathonmigrants are now enabled to demonstrate their capacity as integrative, down-to-Earth Observers - at appropriate spatial scales!


#migration #conservation #agriculture #ClimateChange

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@waddentweets met 'economie' bedoelen jullie toch zeker 'korte termijn economie', want voor de lange termijn zijn weerbare biodiverse wadden juist erg nodig?

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Voorbeelden van nieuwe #kennis door werk van boeren-professor Jukema gebaseerd op vogelvangsten met #wilsternet.
28 opzienbarende ontdekkingen aan #trekvogels! #kemphaan #grutto #goudplevier
In: Lumeij e.a. (red.) 2008. Beter één vogel in de hand...@KNNVUitgeverij

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Een heel oud ambacht, grote passie, en met oud & jong op jaarvergadering in bovenzaal van Het Wapen van Baarderadeel in Jorwert nog steeds SPRINGLEVEND!
Prachtig verhaal over snel greppeland-verlies rond Wommels & Mantgum door Gerard Westerhuis van @univgroningen

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Heftig & ontroerend verhaal in @lc_nl over #trekvogel-onderzoek van boeren-professor Joop Jukema. Hindernissen die hij ondervindt om aan cultuur & wetenschap bij te kunnen dragen. Koppeling van werk van 'amateurs' & professionals is geheim achter >100 publicaties!

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It was great to discover at that black-tailed #godwit SLINKEWEI managed to leave the Sahara coast again for a continued #migration to the #Tagus estuary, Portugal. This also illustrates, once more, the importance of this area! #grutto

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BIOMONITORING! In new paper we show that prey ingestion rates of #spoonbills in #WaddenSea can be estimated from acceleration data. In this way spoonbills can directly essay spatial & temporal variation in availability of small fish & shrimp! #OpenAccess:

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@ja_bakker @waarneming @Natuurmonument @vogelnieuws @Sovon @KeningGreide De kans is groot dat het bij deze vroegelingen om IJslandse grutto's gaat, Jorien. Voor het echte bewijs moet je dagelijks even naar deze website:
Kun je zien wanneer de eerste individuen echt vanuit de stopplaatsen in Portugal & Spanje naar ons toekomen.

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The Frisian islands with Dutch Wadden Sea in foreground, looking east & northeast across German and Danish Parts of Wadden Sea, with the Siberian tundra in the distance (relevant as breeding area for a lot of birds using the foreground) made this NASA picture already much used.

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But: does #feather number goes up with body size?
In 1988 Piersma published figure for great crested #grebes, really counted and published in @ARDEA_journal. 14,000 rather than more than 20,000, even though the smaller grebes are always in water...

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HOERA! maar de meesten zijn nog onderweg!
En het leuke is dat iedereen deze #grutto-trek vanuit de luie stoel kan volgen.
Klik op:
Het gaat hier om grutto's met zenders die in Portugal, Spanje, Duitsland en Nederland zijn aangebracht. Leef met ze mee!

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Another view on the world's largest ocean, criss-crossed over by migrating landbirds!

#openaccess paper at:

The Pacific as the world’s greatest theater of bird migration: Extreme flights spark questions about many different things

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Country-wide breeding distribution & home ranges of black-tailed #godwits (#grutto, national bird of NL) assessed in unbiased ways (using individuals tagged during staging in Iberia) shows how sparse suitable grassland has become.
Summary now available at:

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The real-time online #tracking resource of @GlobalFlyway nicely shows surge in #migration of black-tailed #godwits from wintering areas in West-Africa to staging areas in Portugal & Spain. Several tagged birds overfly Morocco and #Atlantic ocean right now.

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Magnifique. Le Guérande est très probablement l'endroit où notre #spoonbill SINAGOTE traîne en ce moment. Lisez à ce sujet l'édition française du livre qui porte ce nom :

@lynxedicions @unep_aewa @MavaFdn @LPOFrance @PNBancarguin @WGLepelaar @GRUSEC

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#SIBES stands for 'Synoptic Intertidal Benthic Surveys'. It is both a CONCEPT & many PROJECTS. E.g. every year @NIOZnieuws covers the entire Dutch #WaddenSea in a grid-based benthic survey. Great to see the concept applied in #SIBES_Formosa
& see intro at:

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In #migration from Guinea-Bissau to Iberia, having passed @PNBancarguin & Canary Islands, black-tailed #godwit SLINKEWEI made a U-turn to the coast of Morocco... Checking the #winds on 19 January shows it was facing head-winds of 50 km/hr. Fingers crossed!

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ANIMAL CULTURES are a reality, but so far receive privileged acknowledgement for some charismatic mammals & the 'smart' birds (parrots & corvids).
Book on #SINAGOTE (a female #spoonbill) & friends, implies how #waterbirds also love, learn & work together.

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Wat een ongelooflijk rijke compilatie aan gegevens en verhalen en geschiedenissen over vogels, vogelmensen & biotopen in Zeeland! Gefeleciteerd noeste werkers. Heel leuk om hier en daar 'snippets' uit werk van @GlobalFlyway tegen te komen, zoals geringde 3teen & kanoet TenAlloul.

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