This website summarizes the work of researchers that are affiliated with the research groups of Theunis Piersma at the University of Groningen and the Royal NIOZ Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, and our many collaborators.

This map uses tracks of one bird in each flyway to take you along to where our projects on "tracking and tracing shorebirds" are hosted. Each flyway has a dedicate page where you will find more tracks and specific links [...] more


Fifteen years in the making, some #marathonmigrants are now enabled to demonstrate their capacity as integrative, down-to-Earth Observers - at appropriate spatial scales!


#migration #conservation #agriculture #ClimateChange

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Last week @GlobalFlyway lost its oldest & most ardent supporter.
Thank you MAVIS RUSSELL for >25 years of hard work, encouragement & abundant good vibes!
Plenty of memories to be shared. Look at her, 75y old, in pink pants during neap-tide mud game at 80Mile Beach in Oct 1999!

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sei Teade de Boer, en stjoerde ús op wei!

De kuiertocht yn 't tsjuster oer it boerelân by Wommels wie in geweldige ofslúting fan it projekt ‘Oer de râne fan de tiid’ om 75 jier Fûgelwacht Wommels te fieren.

Marten Winters betocht it útropfraachteken.

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Notice Sinagote, the #spoonbill?
We did!

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With the whole world as its witness (, bar-tailed #godwit 4BBRW made it to New Zealand, the missing part of its track showing that #flight across #Pacific took longer than a week. Missing bit of track is now filled by 4BWWB who is 4000km into #migration.

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Yesterday, @GlobalFlyway was witness to symposium on 'Milestones in migration research' (as part of annual conference of @DOrnitholGes), celebrating the life & work of Prof. FRANZ BAIRLEIN in word and deeds! With a heart-warming appearance of team of 'Vogelwarte Wilhelmshaven'.

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Bar-tailed #godwit 4BBRW touched Fiji in #flight, but certainly not on land & nicely continued his flight for last 1000km or so to Pukorokoro-Miranda @miranda_trust in New Zealand. Keep on eye on him at
#flyway #Pacific

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Perhaps take note: @BirdLife_News @BirdLife_CEO @WWF_Arctic @wwf @vogelnieuws @NIOZnieuws @univgroningen @EAAFP @usgs @USFWSAlaska @USFWSBirds @numenini @miranda_trust @BroomeBirdObs @OSNZBirdsNZ @NWO_Science @MavaFdn @PaulsonInst @WaddenseaUNESCO

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A report from @GlobalFlyway in a narration by Jim Robbins. Featuring Bob Gill, Chris Guglielmo, Jesse Conklin and Theunis Piersma & inspired by

Birds are underway across Pacific RIGHT NOW, so check out bar-tailed #godwit 4BBRW at

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Bar-tailed #godwit JIPS reported from Sine-Saloum delta in #Senegal. Overland flight across Spain with measured altitude of >5km.

Rosse #grutto JISP meldt zich ineens uit Senegal, na vlucht met vlieghoogtes van meer dan 5km boven Spanje!

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In addition to adult bar-tailed #godwits that can be seen @globalflyway, youngsters were tagged, which are now showing how long-distance #migration is learned in life. Adrian Riegen from @miranda_trust summarizes movements in their 3rd year in latest PMNews issue!

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And for a summary account of what all this amazing #endurance & #navigation means for advancing our understanding of #migration and #biology in a more general sense, see our big review in #Ornithology (@AmOrnith):
#Pacific #flight #flyway #godwit

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New paper on limits to food intake in red #knots: #sulfur. This happens @PNBancarguin when knots eat a small bivalve called Loripes that hosts endosymbiotic (!) chemoautotrophic (!) bacteria. Knots eat more when sulfur load is less, and can get accustomed.

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Bar-tailed #godwit 4BBRW is now flying 500km to west of Hawaii. This is about 5000km into its #migration from Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, #Alaska, to Miranda, New Zealand. Witness this epic #flight performance yourself at:
#flyway #Pacific

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Ja, het kan wel.
De bodem zich vol met gratis boerenarbeiders. Daar kan bigAgro misschien niet zo veel aan verdienen, maar de boeren wel!

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New #OpenAccess paper on the distribution of potential food of intertidally feeding spoon-billed #sandpipers on mudflats in southern China.
Interesting negative downshore trends (away from the #mangroves) in the abundance of mobile benthic animals. #sbs

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YES! One of our 2 satellite-tagged bar-tailed #godwits from New Zealand called 4BBFRW is off, and on his way across the mighty #Pacific! Departure date is a few days earlier than before, as he left on 19 Sep in 2020 and on 17 Sep in 2021. Have a smooth flight! #flyway

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Met de (trek)vogels gaat het een stuk minder... en we weten maar nauwelijks waarom!


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This is interesting, as CLJ 'ended up' in its 2nd or possibly 3rd yr of life, as a 'winterer' at Miranda, Firth of Thames, New Zealand winterer. In fact, it was just seen there (on 3 Sep) by Tony Habraken. Early arrival in NZ this year suggests CLJ arrived direct from Alaska.

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Indeed, for some earlier (now published) work on another Numeniinid, the black-tailed #godwit, see latest paper by Mo Verhoeven et al. in @AnimalEcology:
Age-dependent timing and routes demonstrate developmental plasticity in a long-distance migratory bird

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@WHSRN @ManometCenter @shorebirdswest @9Whsg Congratulations Luis!!! With very sweet memories of our times together in and around Río Grande, TdF.

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