Afonso Rocha

I am a postdoctoral researcher based at the Functional Biodiversity Group, University of Aveiro (Portugal). As conservation ecologist passionate for shorebirds and their habitats, I focus on the migratory connectivity along the East Atlantic Flyway and global processes of climate change. I have a particular interest in migratory strategies, physiological constraints and adipose tissue signatures of migratory birds.

Since 2005 I carry out the monitoring and study of shorebird species and the management of coastal habitats in Tagus estuary (Portugal).  I evaluated the advantages and disadvantages of coastal saltpans as breeding and foraging habitats for shorebirds, specifically detailing actions that can be implemented to enhance the value of this human created habitat for the conservation of shorebird populations.


Shorebirds in Samouco saltpans (Portugal). Photo: Afonso Rocha

The work with shorebirds in Portugal has driven me to Theunis and we have been collaborating in the tagging project of the Black-tailed Godwits in the Portuguese rice fields and more recently under the project Waders of the Bijagos with Bar-tailed Godwits in Bijagos archipelago (Guinea-Bissau).

You can find more information on my website or breaking news on the twitter @afonso_dr_rocha.

Profile photo (by Camilo Carneiro): Afonso with a Curlew sandpiper wintering in Bijagos archipelago.