Allert Bijleveld

I am a tenure-track scientist at Royal NIOZ Netherlands Institute for Sea Research in the department of Coastal Systems, but this year I work in the Department of Zoology at the University of Oxford where I collaborate with Dora Biro and the Oxford Navigation group (OxNav).

In 2015, I obtained my PhD degree with Theunis Piersma on the topic of social foraging in Red Knots.

As a behavioural ecologist, I am interested in how phenotypes interact with the environment to shape behaviour, movement, spatial distributions and ultimately fitness. My research particularly focusses on consistent individual differences (animal personalities) and collective behaviour.

Examples of my research question are: What maintains individual variation in physiology, behaviour and life-history traits? How does this variation affect fitness in a changing world? How does information transfer between individuals and how does this affect fitness?

In my studies, I combine controlled experiments, modelling techniques, field observations, and the latest tracking technologies.

You can find more information on my NIOZ website, and my publications on ResearchGate or Google Scholar.