Chris Hassell

I have lived close to Roebuck Bay in Broome, north Western Australia (NWA), since 1996. “21 years at the best shorebird site in the world!” is my un-biased statement on that. In 2006 I was contracted by Global Flyway Network to conduct their colour-banding project at Roebuck Bay. Initially, I worked at the Broome Bird Observatory (BBO) before establishing Turnstone Nature Discovery: a bird-watching and nature tour business. Gradually the tour business was wound down and I moved in to research work.  A major part of my studies now involves two months of field work in northern China at the Luannan coast, Bohai Bay. The number of Red Knots from NWA that pass through this site would be over 80% of the total that spend the non-breeding season there.


With a fisherman and a fisherwoman in Bohai Bay, hand in hand (both ‘keen on saving mudflats’)

I also coordinates population monitoring programs on migratory shorebirds in NWA and runs the Australian Wader Studies Group (AWSG) shorebird research programme in NWA.

When not being a shorebird nerd I'm drinking tea, listening to music and following the fortunes of Leicester City and the England cricket team.