David Lelieveld

David Lelieveld is a theatre producer in the north of the Netherlands. In 2017, for theatre festival Oerol, he produced the play TRACKS with Theunis, Jos Thie (director) and Sytze Pruiksma, about migratory birds.

In 2012 he established his theatre company Pier21, with which he created performances such as De Emigrant and Feteranen (Veterans).

In 2017 he co-produced the big site-specific play Koning van het Grasland (King of the Meadows), a performance about a farmer and his wife who have to deal with the impact of agricultural changes to the landscape.


Impression of King of the Meadows. Photos: Daphne van der Velde

In combination with Koning van het Grasland Pier21 organized Ontwakend Landschap (Awakening Landscape): a 12h experience that starts right after the play. A select audience is brought by a local guide to an encampment in the middle of a nature reserve. Here they stay the night, and see the landscape awake in the early morning. Accompanied by a poem or the sounds of the landscape, they start the day there with breakfast consisting of local ingredients. (Here you can watch a trailer of Awakening Landscape).

Impression of Awakening Landscape. Photos: Jeroen Bootsma

In 2018, Pier21 will create an educational performance for children, also about migratory birds, called Kanoetagain in collaboration with Theunis.