Jos Thie

I am a theater maker who lives in Friesland (Wergea).

That is my base for making performances that are made and played everywhere in The Netherlands and beyond. From my childhood, my passion is to reach the largest possible audience with performances that stimulate the imagination and thus stimulate our thinking about ourselves and about the world that we share with each other. I like to seek the public outside the theaters to meet people who never visit theaters, but also because there are beautiful places that stimulate and challenge my imagination.

That brought me as a theater maker in streets, in football stadiums, in apartment buildings, in all kinds of industrial spaces, classrooms, village community centers, etc. And in picturesque places in nature, such as the dunes of Terschelling during the Oerol Festival.

I have a special connection with that festival. I have made a number of performances there, including an adaptation of Ibsen’s Peer Gynt, set in the dunes. I have also been the artistic director of the festival for two years. (I was also artistic leader of the music theater company Werk in Uitvoering  in Groningen, the RO theater in Rotterdam, Tryater in Fryslân and De Utrechtse Spelen).

Sytze Pruiksma I met as a theater musician and as a fanatical birdwatcher on Oerol during Peer Gynt. That has been more than ten years ago.

Through him I met Theunis. And the three of us have made TRACKS for Oerol in 2017. For me, a lot more than just a performance. The work of ‘TeamPiersma’ fascinates me enormously and will not let me go. As a theater maker, I would like to remain involved in this fascinating and important work in one way or another.

To be continued.