José Mª Abad “Pipe”

Researcher and technician at the University of Extremadura as part of different research projects led by Jose Antonio Masero. The main focus of my work as a researcher is ecophysiology, migration and the role of anthropogenic habitats in the life cycle of shorebirds. Black-tailed Godwit has been the main focal species, for this work, a species that is using the rice fields of our study area in Extremadura as a stopover site.

Black-tailed godwits gave me the chance to meet Theunis and part of his team in the mid 2000’s and since them we have been collaborating in different research projects. The collaboration was especially closely during the King of the Meadows initiative in which we satellite-tagged some tenths of Black-tailed Godwits in Extremadura. This was an enriching experience as catching birds with research purposes, especially to deploy sensors, is also one of my passions as technician. I am also proud of the opportunity to enjoy and collaborate with Juan Navedo’s projects in Chiloe (Chile) with the Hudsonian Godwits. 

Profile photo: Manolo Parejo.