Juan G. Navedo

I am a Professor at the Institute of Marine Science and Limnology (ICML), Faculty of Science, Universidad Austral de Chile, leading the Bird Ecology Lab, where I focus my research in studying Nearctic and 'Patagonian' shorebird ecology since late 2013. Deciphering the effects of humans on wildlife conservation, either land-use changes, presence, settlement, activities or pollutants, using migratory shorebirds as models is of particular research interest in the Lab. Our ongoing projects are based in Chile, México and Spain.


Currently I am the Director of Quempillén Experimental Station, located in Chiloé island, a shorebird paradise 40-42° South in the Pacific, where - along with Jose Masero, Jorge Gutiérrez and Jose M. Abad 'Pipe' - we have recently built the Austral-AVEX, advanced experimental aviaries ready to challenge hypothesis about shorebird ecology in the southern hemisphere. I have been appointed (2016) as a member of the Arctic Migratory Bird Initiative (AMBI) - Planning Group 4 (Reducing Threats from rice and shrimp farming in northern South America).

I am also closely linked with 'spoonbillers', especially after my studies of Eurasian Spoonbill stopover ecology in Santoña marshes, N Spain. From late 2015 to 2018, I was chairing the AEWA Eurasian Spoonbill international expert group. I have been collaborating for several years with many different people of this 'Team Piersma' in different aspects dealing with conservation of migratory birds... today we are studying one of the most striking long-distance migrants, Limosa haemastica... and we have just begun!

You can find more information about teaching, projects, etc., on the ICML website, and my publications on ResearchGate. More information about the international Graduate Course in Predator-Prey Relationships here.

Profile photo: Claudio Verdugo