Sjoerd Duijns

I am a former PhD student of Theunis (2010 – 2014), where I studied the foraging ecology of Bar-tailed Godwits. My PhD thesis:  Sex-specific foraging: The distributional ecology of a polychaete-eating shorebird is available online. I am still involved with the Bar-tailed Godwit work, together with Theunis, Jan van Gils and Eldar Rakhimberdiev.

Currently I am a postdoctoral fellow at Carleton University in Canada, where I am working on the distribution and migration patterns of several shorebird species in North America using the motus wildlife tracking system. I work together with researchers from different Universities and Environment and Climate Change Canada. Like a migratory shorebird, I’m on the move again and from September onwards I will be working in Kalmar, Sweden. I will continue to work with the motus system and plan to deploy this system in Southern Sweden, which will expand the European automated telemetry network.

I am a behavioral ecologist with a background and interest in foraging behavior and migration. I am interested in the mechanisms by which organisms deal with the aspects of their (changing) environment and I am fascinated how animals respond to this. Are animals phenotypically flexible or do they change their distribution and diet? These are key questions that I aim to unravel by integrating behavior, demography and population dynamics using statistical and theoretical models with empirical data.

For an overview of and links to my publications and more details about my research, see my personal website, ResearchGate or Google Scholar.