I am a PhD candidate in the Conservation Ecology Group at the University of Groningen. My work involves assessing the sustainability of agroecosystems of the East Atlantic Flyway by evaluating spatio-temporal connections between the migratory Black-tailed Godwit, agricultural practices, and land-use change.


To achieve this, we are taking advantage of a long-term godwit demography dataset, an expanding “fleet” of satellite-tagged birds delivering location data, and a number of remote sensing tools that allow us to detect changes across landscapes with increasing spatial and temporal resolution.

Black-tailed godwit being fitted with a satellite tag


I have a BSc in Natural Resource Management/Watershed Sciences from Auburn University (USA) and a MSc in Earth Sciences from the University of Amsterdam. It is very exciting to be a part of a talented, multidisciplinary team and to work together using cutting edge approaches to wildlife conservation.