East Asian

Australasian flyway

Along the East Asian – Australasian Flyway we track shorebirds and their populations on their annual migrations to and from their Arctic breeding grounds.

On the ground we work in (1) the non-breeding areas in Roebuck Bay and along Eight Mile Beach in NW Australia and in New Zealand, and (2) the staging areas in Bohai Bay, China.

An important task we have set ourselves is tracking Bar-tailed Godwits, Great Knots and Red Knots to identify the crucial intertidal flats these birds use to fuel their long-haul migrations.

For updates on the work in Australia, please also explore the website of GFN Australia.

In the footsteps of E7!

With the 2020 international New Zealand tracking project, in collaboration with Birds New Zealand  and Massey University in Palmerston North and with support of Birds Canada, we follow 14 adult Bar-tailed Godwits  on their travels from New Zealand to Alaska, and back.

They carry miniature satellite PTT tags, with small solar panels. Go to maps to follow them yourself.