Global Flyway Network

The Global Flyway Network (GFN) is a partnership between researchers worldwide who are devoted to long term - usually demographic - work on long-distance migrating shorebirds.

In 2006, Prof. Dr Theunis Piersma and Prof. Dr Allan J. Baker procured international funding through BirdLife Netherlands to establish the non-profit network to better understand and help conserve migratory shorebirds in a rapidly changing world.

The GFN partnership applies the strengths of comparative demographic shorebird studies worldwide, with the aim to understand and analyse the factors determining shorebird numbers in a rapidly changing world. In practice it also tries to fill major gaps in coverage of fieldwork of the world’s most threatened shorebird.

GNF has partners along all major flyways. The GFN chapter in Australia under leadership of Chris Hassell has its own website.