Black-tailed Godwits (Limosa limosa) in southern Iberia, habitat description and finding colour marked birds from 1 – 26 February 2023

Publisher(s): University of Groningen

Author(s): Jos Hooijmeijer, Jacob Jan de Vries, Wim Tijsen, Maarten Hotting, Willem Brandhorst, Bert Zijlstra, Arne van Eerden, Jan de Jong, Kees de Jager, Theunis Piersma

In this expedition from 1 to 26 February 2023 we visited the most important areas for Black-tailed Godwits in southern Spain and Portugal during northward migration. Our aim was to resight individual colour marked birds, describe the habitats godwits used and to gain information on threats and opportunities by field observations and meetings with local experts. In this report we present a daily overview of our findings with photos, locations we visited, numbers present and the first conclusions and recommendations. More reports from expeditions to Iberia and West Africa in previous years can be downloaded at:

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